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This function removes the hyperlinks from the selected cells & keeps the unformatted URL.

Remove Hyperlink

Remove Hyperlink after

To use this function you need to perform 2 steps:

Step 1: Select the column which has hyperlinks
Step 2: Click on 'Remove Hyperlinks' function of PPC Time Saver

To remove all hyperlinks from the column, then you can click on the entire column and then click on 'Remove Hyperlink'

When you enter a web address into an Excel cell, it automatically converts to a hyperlink when you leave the cell. It is annoying as its very common to accidentally click these links which immediately pops open your browser & interrupts your work.

You can manually remove hyperlinks or disable them from Excel options. However, doing so takes time & extra steps. This function helps reducing this time.



This function removes extra spaces from the beginning and end of selected cells without using any formulas. It also removes double/multiple spaces between two words.

remove spaces before

Remove spaces after

To use this function you need to perform 2 steps:

Step 1: Select the keywords from which you wish to remove extra spaces
Step 2: Click on 'Remove Extra Spaces' function of PPC Time Saver

Many a times, keyword data is grabbed or copied incorrectly from another source. Sometimes page layout and formatting also results in empty spaces before and after your characters. This function can be used to remove all unnecessary spaces from text. From start, end or from between words text string. It eliminates the use of formulas =trim() , =left or =right.



This function removes formulas from the selected cells and keeps the value.

Remove formula before

Remove Formula After

To use this function you need to perform 2 steps:

Step 1: Select the cells from which you wish to remove the formulas and keep value
Step 2: Click on 'Remove Formula' function of PPC Time Saver

Its simple, efficient and error free to erase the formula behind the cell and keep the value by using this function.


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