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This function lets you easily convert keywords to modified broad in Excel without using formulas.

You need to add + to convert any broad keyword to modified broad. There is no Excel formula to do it directly.

Convert to 'Modified Broad - Partial Word' function of PPC Time Saver adds a + in front of desired keywords.

Modifed Broad Modified Broad Partial Word - After

To use this function you need to perform two steps:

Step 1: Highlight the keywords that you wish to convert to modified broad
Step 2: Click on 'Modified Broad - Partial Word' Function of PPC Time Saver add on
Modified Broad Partial

in the next screen it asks you (in an input box) as to which word you wish to convert to modified broad. Just enter the word & it will add + sign before the word

... alternatively,

If you want ALL the words in selected cell as modified broad match, then click on 'Modified Broad - Full Word' function of PPC Time Saver.

Modified Broad Full Word

This will add a + sign to ALL the words in the selected cell.

Modified Broad Full After



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